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Our team at Smtx.Com Technology Services:

SINCE 1980 SMTX.COM Technology Solutions has serviced customers and businesses with honest, quality service and consulting. James is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best in IT services and solutions. He have built a solid reputation for excellence and integrity, personally overseeing every SMTX.COM service contract.

James is an accomplished IT professional with over 30 year's experience. In addition to IT consulting for a wide range of organizations and businesses, he has held the position of Systems Administrator and Manager of Computer Services and Core Technologies at Trinity Western University providing full IT services throughout the entire university environment.

With his vast range of experience and knowledge, and his constant view to future of IT tools, James is the ideal IT partner for businesses looking to gain an edge over their competition and use technology to their advantage. 

Support Services:

•Use this quick checklist to identify your IT needs.

•New PC's, Mac's or Systems Upgrades

•Software - new or upgrades


•Sales/Customer Information Management


•Operations/Project Management

•Immediate service for computer, IT or system problems and down-time

•Improved data storageand access

•Web and email connectivity

•Collaboration tools to better share data between staff and work sites.

•Ongoing service contracts for IT maintenance and upgrading

•Data integration - merging information from multiple sources

•Improve customer service and sales systems.